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5 Museum Sleepovers for Kids This Fall

Picture waking up next to an albino alligator or beneath a blue whale… no, it’s not a dream! Inspired by the hit movie Night at the Museum, sleepovers are popular events for families. In the fall, many museums feature Halloween themes. From solving spy mysteries to sleeping in safari tents, these unique, overnight museum experiences are sure to be memorable.

Extra Innings Overnights

Extra Innings Overnights are the ultimate museum sleepover experience for baseball fans and players. This affordable evening begins with a showing of The Baseball Experience in the Grandstand Theater. Then children have free time to explore the museum and participate in activities. Sleep in the Hall of Fame Plaque Gallery honoring baseball legends like Jackie Robinson and Babe Ruth. Lights out at 11:00 pm. Snacks and breakfast are provided, as well as a Hall of Fame knapsack. The required child to chaperone ratio is six to one.

Location:  National Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, NY
Dates:  October 21-22, 2017
Tickets:  $49.95
Ages: 7-12 (adult chaperone required)

A Night at the Museum Sleepover (Halloween)

The American Museum of Natural History’s sleepovers are very popular and sell out quickly. The Halloween Night at the Museum Sleepover begins in the Hall of Human Origins. Here children learn about their evolutionary past. Next, enter the Age of Dinosaurs and cower in the shadows of the 65-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil. In the 3D theater, the nature documentary Earthflight ends the evening. Children tuck into sleeping bags beside African Elephants, under the 94-foot-long blue whale model, or at the base of a volcano. An evening snack and light breakfast are served. One adult chaperone is required per three children. General admission to the museum for the following day is included.

Location:  American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY
Dates:  October 27-28, 2017
Tickets:  $145, members $135, groups $125
Ages: 6-13 (adult chaperone required)

Roar & Snore Safari Creepy Camp

Imagine sleeping in a tent or glamping beside giraffe enclosures. At the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park, families can experience a special, Creepy Camp Roar & Snore Safari on October 27, 2017. From a classic tent ($140 per person) to a premium tent ($220 per person), you can choose the luxury of your experience. During the “Creepy Camp for Halloween” don your costume and explore haunted trails, give the animals special treats, and tell spooky stories around the campfire. Ride on the Africa Tram to view animals up close. Dinner, snacks, and breakfast are provided.

Location:  San Diego Zoo, Escondido, CA
Dates:  October 27-28, 2017
Tickets:  $140 and up, $30 children under two-years-old
Ages: All ages (adult chaperone required)

Break secret codes, undergo spy training, and take on a secret identity during the KidSpy Overnight Operation Secret Slumber at the International Spy Museum. On November 4, children ages 9 through 13 begin their top-secret training. Kids create aliases and cover stories, as well as dress in disguises to complete their mission. Watch out for the mole on your team! A real spy will be on hand for interrogation. In the morning, a dramatic ending completes the clandestine operation. This overnight museum event requires one adult per two children. Snacks and a continental breakfast are provided.

Location:  International Spy Museum, Washington, DC
Dates:  November 4-5, 2017
Tickets: $115, members $105
Ages: 9-13 (adult chaperone required)

Penguins+Pajamas Sleepovers

The California Academy of Sciences is the coolest museum in the Bay Area. Located in Golden Gate Park, it is the only facility in the world with a planetarium, aquarium, and natural history museum. The Penguins+Pajamas Sleepover occurs regularly throughout the year for children ages 5-17.

Explore the exhibits after-hours and discover the deepest depths of the oceans, travel to the tops of rainforests, blast off into outer space at your own private planetarium show, and then settle in for story time after snacking on milk and cookies.

Live animal demonstrations, planetarium showings, and Osher Rainforest explorations fill the evening. Families can sleep next to the California Coast Tank or beside the Swamp Tank featuring an albino alligator. Breakfast is served in the Academy Cafe. Parking and all-day Sunday admission to the Academy are included. One adult per five children is required for chaperoning.

Location:  California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA
Dates:  November 11-12, 2017
Tickets: $109, members $89
Ages: 5-17 (adult chaperone required)

Fall Museum Sleepover Dates

  1. Extra Innings Overnights-Cooperstown, NY; Oct. 21-22
  2. Night at the Museum Sleepover (Halloween)-New York, NY; Oct. 27-28
  3. Creepy Camp Roar & Snore Safari-Escondido, CA; Oct. 27-28
  4. KidSpy Overnight Operation Secret Slumber-Washington, DC; Nov. 4-5
  5. Penguins+Pajamas Sleepover-San Francisco, CA; Nov. 11-12

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