5 Free Online Yoga Class Resources

When life doesn’t fit into studio schedules, practicing yoga at home is a convenient option. Free online videos can be found for all levels and styles of yoga. There are many paid subscription online yoga services, often with a free trial, yet there’s a plethora of quality instruction available without purchase. Furthermore, you can have access to high-quality, famous teachers without traveling or paying big bucks. Here are five free, online yoga class resources.

YouTube Online Yoga

YouTube is an incredible resource for yogis and yoginis, such as giving access to master teachers no longer with us. For example, the rich heritage of B.K.S Iyengar has thankfully been documented and shared. You can take a class he taught in London in 1985, or a master class taught by Manouso Manos with Iyengar giving correction and feedback.

Many amazing teachers, like Desiree Rumbaugh and Seane Corn, can be found on YouTube. Subscribe to channels such as Wanderlust and Gaiam to stay up-to-date and easily find classes. It can be easy to get lost in the plethora of yoga videos on YouTube. Finding a full-length class can be challenging. Try using search terms like “yoga full class” or the name of a teacher plus “full class.”

Yoga International

Yoga International is an amazing, online yoga resource. In addition to free online yoga classes, there is a wealth of information on yoga philosophy. From restorative to vinyasa, you can search for classes based on different styles and techniques. High-quality teachers like Shiva Rea, Diane Bondy, and Siana Sherman, give clear instructions. The Yoga International app provides mobile access to the wealth of content. Although there is plenty available for free, you can also become a paying member of Yoga International. The first 30-days is free.

Do Yoga With Me

There are hundreds of free, streaming online yoga classes available at Do Yoga With Me. Sorted by beginning, intermediate, or advanced levels,  you can find any class to fit your skill level. In addition, you can browse the most popular classes or yoga style such as Yin or Ashtanga. Classes are available to purchase for download, but they are free to stream. Started by Vancouver yoga teacher, David Procyshyn, and based on the Freemium model, the mission of Do Yoga With Me is “to provide the world with high quality, free yoga online.” There is a subscription service available to access premium content.

Yoga Journal

The magazine, Yoga Journal (YJ), is a reliable source of all things yoga: information, practice, recipes, etc. that support a yogic life. Short clips break down poses, as well as teach pranayama techniques. Longer videos (not full-length classes) instruct on sequences of asanas. You are sure to find a class to meet your time availability. In addition, there are courses and master classes available for purchase. The free online yoga content includes topics such as Jason Crandell’s PM Practice and Open-Your-Hips Flow VideoYoga Journal provides excellent breakdowns of poses, including their benefits. Clear instructions, simple photographs, modifications, corrections, and suggested asana sequences make YJ an amazing resource for home practice.

Sign Up for a Free Trial with a Yoga Subscription Service

Almost all yoga subscription services offer free trials. From 7 to 30 days, you can gain unlimited access to content and decide if you would like to pay for continued access. Some of the top online yoga sites offering free trials are:

Many of these services have mobile apps with offline download options so you can take your yoga anywhere. Some apps even offer live classes.

A home yoga practice is a sweet time to delve into your postures, connecting mind and body in the sanctity of your own space. It’s a place where introspection comes naturally, and the ego can relax. There’s no looking around the room comparing oneself to others. Convenience and cost make online yoga classes perfect for all levels of practice.